• Bubble Cup 9 Final results are now official!

    Hi folks,

    Results from Bubble Cup 9 finals are now official!

    Teams gave their best effort in solving problems. Congratulations to all teams for making it to the finals and  … more

  • Bubble Cup 9: Finals compilers/IDEs UPDATE

    This year for the Bubbe Cup 9 Finals we will use the following compilers/IDEs:

    ·       Compilers:

    Visual Studio 2015 (C++, C#)

    MinGW 4.9.2 (C++) … more

  • Bubble Cup 9: Finalists List

    Dear competitors,

    Qualifications are over! Congratulations to everyone! Top teams from each category will have a chance to show their skills in the Finals.

    University teams that qualified for the … more

  • Round 2 ends today

    Dear competitors,

    Today is the last day of the round two!

    All solutions must be submitted before midnight! Hurry up!

  • Round 2 start

    Bubble Cup 9 Round 2 has started!

    Good luck to all competitors!

  • Round 1 Results

    Bubble Cup 9 Round 1 has ended and the results of the round are now final.

    Congratulations to all the competitors!

    Stay tuned for Round 2!

  • Round 1: Problem change

    Dear competitors,

    Problem "Cooperation in geometry !" has been removed from the Round 1 problemset due to issues with test data.

    It has been replaced with a new problem - "Missing Side".

    We … more

  • Bubble Cup 9: Round I starts!

    Dear BubbleCup competitors,

    Round I starts!

    Take the challenge and solve problems!

    If you are interested in the competition, but didn't register yet, you can do that until the end of Round I! … more

  • Bubble Cup 9: Round 0

    Dear Bubble Cup competitors,

    Start of the round 1 is getting closer!

    Round 0 is now active. Scores from this round are not counted in the overall results.

    Please use it to get familiar with the … more