• "Perfect Maze" available & round extended

    Problem "Perfect Maze" is available on SPOJ. Competitors can submit their solutions again.

    Due to issue with the problem, the second round is extended for 3 days. The round lasts until the end of 28 … more

  • Problem "Perfect Maze"

    Problem "Perfect Maze" has been removed from SPOJ problem set. We are looking into this. Meanwhile, the teams are advised to work on other problems.

    Backup statement of the problem "Perfect Maze" … more

  • Round I Results

    Round One has ended. Bubble Cup team has verified the submitted solutions and the first round results are now final.

    There have been several substantially similar submissions from different teams. … more

  • Round I End

    Round One ends today. Take a break before the second one starts!

  • Challenge problem

    Due to issues with the judge data, we are removing the challenge problem Man of Steel from the problem set. The new challenge problem is HQNP Incomputable Hard.

    All of the submissions for the … more

  • Challenge problems information

    Challenge problems submission on Bubble Cup site are not functioning at the moment. We are working on fixing this. Meanwhile, you can work on problems on SPOJ. 

    Bubble Cup Team

  • First Round

    The first round is ON! Submit your solutions and start your journey to the finals!

  • Bubble Cup 8 Round One

    The countdown has started, less than a week until the first round kick-off.

    Register and be part of Bubble Community.

    Bubble Cup Team

  • Bubble Cup 8 Warm Up

    Dear Bubble Cup fans,


    New Bubble Cup Season is here! Eight times in a row, Bubble Cup will be your host in coding contest starting on 1st April!


    To warm up and prepare for the … more