Bubble Cup 9: Register and be part of Bubble Community!

Dear all,

The registration process for BubbleCup starts!

Apply now and be part of Bubble Community!


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BubbleCup Crew


  • MilesRayne said

    How does one register a team of 3 people for this competition?

    I've made an account on both SPOJ and this website, and I've validated both accounts.

    Should my team members also have accounts of their own, and should we fill in a registration form for the competition somewhere as well, or does making an account here count as making a team and applying for the competition?

    Thank you.

  • admin said

    All three members need to create their own account, both on SPOJ and on this webiste.

    One of the team members should create a team. This is done on the profile page here.
    The other two members should then send a request to join that team, also via their profile pages.
    Finally, the person that created the team should approve these requests.

  • kverti98 said

    How can I change SPOJ username in my profile?(I typed wrong username and can't change it)

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